Culinary Couture & Luly...

maine lobster & farmer carrot terrine

riesling gelee, compressed cucumbers, sriracha aoili, trout roe

black pepper langue du chat, red ribbon sorrel

braised short ribs, crosnes, scarlet turnips, chanterelles
horseradish potatoes, micro kholrabi, banyuls vinegar sauce

a week or so ago, we were presented with a fun opportunity in which we were to design, plan
and cook a dinner as part of a special auction for the 5th Avenue Theatre for some very special guests. As it turns out, the dinner took a turn for a different focus in that it was actually geared more towards a fashion show by a very prominent, successful and sophisticated local designer; Luly Yang. Her and her "models inc" were going to be parading her couture of the moment to the people that were ever so fortunate to be in attendance. The food unfortunately was although important, but no longer THE focal point. No problem I said to myself. I am mature...I can get beyond that...I am not too high and mighty nor too big an ego to play second fiddle, especially to someone as cool as Luly. Her shit really does rock. So, I planned a menu that would highlight, excite, tantalize, stimulate and pull the evening in together for a harmonious elegant soiree. Unfortunately, I didn't get many shots as we were running around crazy, but here is a couple shots of our own "culinary couture" that was on stage that evening. And although it was for mainly ladies of the know...the food did get much appreciated attention...from the first little hors d'oeuvre, to the amuse to the last nibble of mignardises and kitchen alchemy...again~ another tribute to the 6 years of blog posting. Fashionable yet satisfying!


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