Adapt, Improvise & Overcome...

chilled mussel salad, heart of palm, heirloom tomato, fennel

citrus vinaigrette, warm potato-lemon bisque

foie gras terrine, foie gras "opera torte", seared pave
apricot-truffle conserve, stewed ground cherries, saba drizzle, cacao nibs

fennel crusted south american corvina sea bass
leeks, artichokes, matsutake mushrooms, pancetta butter
pumpkin pancake

pepper crusted american bison, chanterelles, salsify, quince,
onion soubise, lingonberry essence

asian pear, fizzy, pear sorbet, candied celery

That is somewhat the case of what has happened over the last 16 years of my life, as I have made changes I believe for the positive and seen the many things unfold in front of me in which I acted upon to steer the course of my job responsibility as a chef. As chefs, we do this every day however...we adapt to an ever-changing environment and circumstance, we improvise with whatever product we have, whatever staff we may be so fortunate to or not to have, and whatever time we don't have and if we are at all worth our weight in fleur de sel, we overcome it all. We get by with a little help from our team. We suck up the shit and persevere. We forge ahead and struggle to make others happy at the sacrifice of our own happiness at times, and why??? Because we love what we do. We are sick, twisted, controlling, high strung, egotistical, head strong, passionate, demanding, precise, caring, giving and full of emotion with the strong urge to succeed and provide. This blog is a testament to the drive and passion that lie inside of me. These last 6 years have been a great time of writing and cooking and I further dedicate these current shots of various dishes to the blog and the 6 years spent with such great peeps helping me along the way to adapt, improvise and overcome any and all that have ever graced it's ugly head in front of me!


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