An Autumnal Arsenal...

carrot butter poached scallop, red zebra tomatoes, truffles

arugula, house cured lomo, noble sherry-carrot butter vinaigrette

seared foie gras, challah french toast, ground cherry conserve
hazelnuts, golden raisins, 30 year balsamic condiment

citrus smoked grilled catfish, moroccan fennel salad
almonds, plums, pineapple sage sauce

compressed asian pears, grains of paradise
lemon-pear ice, verjus

muscovy duck breast, quince puree, baby thumbelina carrots
chanterelles, poached quince, pecan oil, blackberry essence

pumpkin brulee, bing cherries, langue du chat
triple chocolate torte, espresso sauce, noyaux ice cream, "payday veil"
fruits of the moment, oranges, figs, pears, lemon, blackberry

Come ready to play...come ready to fight..come ready to kick ass! Any way you choose to proceed forward, be armed, ready and your guns loaded with whatever it takes to get the job done. In this case...we were locked and loaded with the ammo of the season. Rounds of Autumn they were. Lobsters...Carrots...Scallops...Truffles...Red Zebra Tomatoes...Foie Gras...Ground Cherries...Nuts...Figs...Asian Pears...Duck Breast...Chanterelles...Quince...Pumpkin...Pears and yes, of course...Bacon! As we fired left and right, our target subjects took cover and indulged into the ingredients with whole hearted content...surrendered to the moment. Cooking in the fall is an awesome time and one that any chef or cook should embrace completely. Think ahead, aim your sights high, pull the trigger on any cool ideas you may have and fire away at your ambitions and passions. No remorse...no regrets...just make sure you go out with guns blazin!


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