Oui Chef!...

wild mushroom "cappuccino", porcini milk foam

brigade awaiting the plate up of the entree

"salade compose"
wild harvest greens, compressed pears, fresh chevre, hazelnuts

lamb loin sous vide, butternut squash-brown butter puree
chanterelles, slow cooked artichokes, parsnip jam, wild huckleberry sauce

valrhona manjari-praline "pave"
house preserved cherries, caramelized hazelnuts, creme fraiche
hazelnut ice cream, caramel anglaise and macaron

Reminiscent of old times in french kitchens and good times with the chefs that commanded them. This dinner brought back a lot of cool memories. It was a dinner in honor of a French Ambassador and their cohorts to be held at our place. A large group for about a buck-90, it was a soiree full of emotion, "verbaige francaise", laughter and comotion, flowing wine and flavorful food. Kitchens...they seem to bring about their own emotion and french lingo like~"oui chef" , which was one that was prevalent daily in the kitchens I worked in and even the one I am in now, yet unfortunately with the current vibe today, the younger kids dont have a clue as to what that is about and with the lack of me not being french(no worries) it has slipped further from the forefront. I still blare out at times a myriad of terms..."la merde", "putain", " ca va", "soigne", "salut", "la vaches" and of course..."oui chef" when appropriate. It is weird for me during this painful time in my life how so much pain can bring so much beauty in my work. Who knows though...maybe my work really is shit and I am just in utter denial. I let others be the judge and just keep pushing forward with the same intensity, passion, devotion, commitment, and attention to the craft and pursuit of excellence that I always have. Au Revoir...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

l believe ones origin is of less importance than the passion that one possess and the personal drive that pushes one beyond the limits others set for themselves. have faith be true to your vision and know that you have had a great influence on many talented chefs.

lyle whitacre

6:16:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

Thank you Lyle...that is well "spoken"...cherish the many memories & great times. Thank you for being a part of a great ride & journey of taste & passion!

9:04:00 PM  

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