Smells Like Fall...

walleye pike, seared diver scallop, truffles, corn, creamy potatoes
indian summer heirloom tomatoes, carrot butter-noble vinegar vinaigrette

north african inspired salad
curry roasted apples, fennel sous vide, celery, celery leaves
marcona almonds, ras el hanout dressing

seared foie gras, skate wing, bacon studded quinoa
caramelized onions, chanterelles, corn coulis, jus de poulet

lamb loin sous vide, artichoke-garlic pancake
honshimejii, mustard glazed beets, savory lamb jus, carrot oil

In Seattle...you now certainly know it is autumn! Fall and October are definitely in the air. You can literally smell it...providing that you know how it smells and given that you have been here for any length of time as I have. It is a very distinct aroma that tells you to stay warm, cook slow foods, build a fire, watch movies, eat and enjoy good ingredients with those that you care about. Harness the goodness of a great braise, a savory roast, a slowly simmered stew or soup. Hell, I have spent my whole life here practically. I love it. Cant get enough of it. Don't want to leave it. Hopefully...will never have to. Here are just a couple shots of things that have transpired in the last 48 hours or so that have reminded me of the season and it of the dishes before you. They feed off of each other. Hopefully, it can inspire those of you who cook to do so with heart and soul... those of you who do not, to eat with your heart and be full of content by those who cook for you...and to those of you who enjoy both, to do so with intense commitment to nurturing the body and mind both and to get inspired by feeding those you love and to those you may not. Smell that? It's talking to you...


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