Still Life, Alive...

~amuse 1~

sous vide scallop, golden caviar, grapefruit,togarashi,olive oil

~amuse 2~
sea urchin "cappuccinos", lemon foam

steamed walleye pike, red zebra tomato, yellow tomato pave
tomato water, hearts of palm, watermelon radish, scallion coulis

seared foie gras, ground cherry conserve, cacao nibs
ras el hanout, chocolate macaron crumbs, 30 year balsamic

carrot butter poached alaskan spot prawns
carrot agnolotti, braised romaine, chanterelles, apples and roe butter
micro celery

muscovy duck breast, roasted porcini, turnips
brown butter potatoes, walnuts, crispy beets

coffee crusted lamb loin, lobster mushrooms, sous vide fennel
artichoke-bacon pancake, salsify, argan oil

chocolate tasting, pumpkin brulee, peach-lemon shortcake
nibbles and bites of goodness...

Not so still, yet awaken with passion. The ingredients very full of motion and emotion. The dishes radiating the commitment to flavor from the cooks and myself...the guests overflowing with celebration. What a night of cool cooking and cool food! Still life represents to me a shot in the dark, a photo stopped in time to portray something silent, beautiful, stunning and self-exposed, simply stating its beauty in the quiet nature of its being and surroundings...this still life was actually just the opposite. Full or energy, drive and forward force of flavor...an explosion of taste for all the senses! In a word...ALIVE!


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