Sweet November Reign...

carrot butter poached diver scallop

bloomsdale spinach puree, romanesco, hubbard squash, truffle, honshimejii

argan emulsion, carrot butter-saba vinaigrette

seared hudson valley foie gras terrine
challah french toast, foie mousse tartine, quince paint, pecans
seckle pears, truffle-apricot conserve, red ribbon sorrel

roasted black bass, bacon mashed potatoes, matsutake
apples, foie gras-cider jus, micro greens

citrus laced tangerine confit, meyer lemon sorbet, fennel jelly
pink pepeprcorn macaroon crumble

fennel crusted lamb tenderloin, crispy polenta, tomato fondue
salsify, pumpkin lamb jus

american bison loin sous vide, chanterelle gratin
baby thumbelina carrots, scarlet turnips, quince puree,

blackberry-pepper sauce


Let the food speak! Let it breathe, let it come alive and let it speak to the diner. That is what took place a few days ago...the food reigned over the table. The guests had a great time. It is always so inspiring and awesome to see the diner totally consumed in the meal and enjoying the taste, flavor, beauty and passion as it unfolds in front of them. It is what I do, strive for and try so hard to convey to our brigade...to maintain a satisfied, serious and focused kitchen brigade and to commit to achieving our guests' respect, loyalty and satisfaction as well, through hard work, continuous effort and dedication to the highest of quality standards. In the end... it is all about making people happy, including ourselves. In the end...it is about the quality of our work and asking ourselves if it is worthy of recognition and respect. In the end, it damn well better be good! In the end...live and cook in the moment cause' nothing lasts for ever~


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