Play Hard~Fall Hard...

"fennel & mussels 2 ways"

fennel-mussel soup, fennel frond, saffron oil

poached mussel salad, fennel sous vide, saffron gelee, fennel pollen

cuisson vinaigrette

seared foie gras, challah-hazelnut-cacao nib bread pudding
ground cherry conserve, peppered seckle pears, mosto cotto

pan roasted albacore tuna, cous cous-pancetta-chanterelle roll
honshimejii, carrots, chanterelle consomme, micro celery

crispy muscovy duck, quince puree & compote, corn pancake

truffled crosnes, pecan oil, saba, banyuls

praline chocolate terrine, figs, gianduja boisson
pumpkin sponge, banana, pumpkin ice cream, pears, gingersnaps
pear sorbet, caramel ice cream

That's what we do! We play all day in the cooking that we do, we work hard to achieve the quality and strive hard to achieve the perfection in our work. The fall is merely a metaphor in the time of year and season that we are so graciously within and yes, it is fun! Here lies a few shots of taste, goodness and flavor all encompassed and surrounded by autumn ingredients and uber flavorful combinations creating pleasure for the palate.


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