Of Another Inspiration...

The shots of the dishes that are presented before you come from yet another realm of inspiration and influence...it comes from another love and passion that I hold dear...it is that of music. Loud, obnoxious and crazy music mind you! And although I do not play(why...I don't know), I get totally immersed in the heavy metal drive that fuels me so often. Those that know me, know I am a metal head. From Metallica to Nirvana...from Godsmack to Soundgarden...from Pearl Jam to Motley Crue to Guns n Roses...the sounds of the thrash and the crash give spark to the plate. This chefs table was inspired not by the music that I had heard, yet the sounds and the thoughts of the dishes being developed and served! It didn't disappoint...

ahi tuna, louisiana shrimp, heart of palm, sriracha aioli, summer melon
pea coulis, pea blossoms
seared foie gras, brioche, rhubarb puree, pickled rainier cherries
honey bunches of oats, mosto cotto-hazelnut dressing

roasted grapes, thyme, late harvest riesling caramel, salted cashews,
fresh burrata

seared mediterranean branzino, baby octopus, chorizo, marcona almonds
green olives, olive oil, fava bean tapenade, pea vines

lamb loin sous vide, cepes, parsnip puree, chard, caramelized garlic
morel custrd, peas, sauce aromatic


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