Ride The Wave...

scallop ceviche, heart of palm, pomelo, tangerine pearls, micro mustard
begonia petals, blood orange olive oil dressing
"I'll ride the wave...where it takes me...i'll hold the pain...release me"! And so as the story goes... It is always great to ride that wave of glory as long as it lasts and for how far it travels. We take the bumps along the way like anyone else. Nothing special, nothing above the rest. The pain that comes along with the glory and the thrill of the moment is nothing short of the thrill it provides. Cooking is a career and a craft that allows one to feel both. The glory and the pain in all it's depth. The two are meant to be together, really, like a symbiotic harmony of culture. The two feed off of one another and provide sustenance and ultimately, the success or failure of the outcome of the craft. Pick any art medium, look deep within and you will see what I am talking about. Looking deep within my own self is where I pull the ideas and creativity from, and that is my glory for all to see.
tai snapper, fennel, kumquats, chorizo, basil, bergamot oil
bbq pork shoulder foam, yukon gold potatoes

wagyu beef loin, celery root, black trumpet mushrooms, walnuts
truffled carrots, argan-goat cheese potatoes

sorghum & spice rubbed venison loin, parsnip puree, hedgehog mushrooms
nettles, peppered gingerbread, curried cauliflower-raisin salad, huckleberry sauce

pre dessert...
elderflower compressed cucumbers, roasted pineapple, mojito sorbet, mint gel


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