How Much Difference...

Does it make?...The proof is in the pudding. One can put in a little or one can put in a lifetime! The difference and amount in which one puts into what he or she is doing can and usually does determine the outcome. Success, failure or simply mediocrity. In my line of work, in my craft and in my life, I have seen all the above. I choose to put in all or nothing. That's usually my M.O., and, because of one, I have seen the other. In cooking as a craft and profession, we as chefs are labeled as the food we cook, the establishments we run and the quality that is displayed and savored. If the food sucks, we suck! If it rocks, then we are rock stars. It's that simple. I'm not saying I am either. I just cook. I enjoy making people happy and I enjoy working the rock star team that we have. Without them, well...who knows. here are but a few dishes of late...
sous vide king salmon, heart of palm, pomelo, fennel, prosciutto, peppercress
crispy potato, sriracha aioli, meyer lemon oil

pan roasted scallop, creamed nettles, leeks, black trumpet mushrooms
truffles, cardoon soup, micro celery

sorghum brushed venison loin, black pepper, pecans
hedgehog mushrooms, peppered gingerbread, celery root, smoked garlic, sorghum-bacon custard
popped sorghum  


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