Say Hello to Heaven...

This is yet, another tribute post to a fallen friend, gone too early yet not forgotten. M my friend, we shared some good times and some good memories, and yet I have not seen you in years, it makes no difference of this silence. And although you were not into the food here like I, I share this part of me with the memory that remains within. God bless you my friend and I wish you happiness in the ever after. I am only too sorry for your hardships, sadness and struggles that may have pushed you to this end, or means thereof. Your family will share in the loss and burden of grief that this has created. You will be missed...here's to you...
maine lobster, cara cara oranges, avocado, American sturgeon caviar
blood orange dressing, pickled mango

marinated squab salad, apples, yuzu pudding, radishes, honshimejii
mushrooms, micro mustard, pedro ximenez dressing, soy essence

seared foie gras, bourbon sugar brulee, kumquats, blood oranges
pickled cipolline onions, citrus gel, nibs, pine bud syrup

porcini dusted halibut, carrot nettles, roasted porcini
nasturtium, truffle nage

peppered strawberries, lime, marcona almond, pop rocks
mojito ice

citrus tasting-meyer lemon pudding, lemon puddingcake pops
kumquats, pistachios, kumquat sherbet, elderflower-olive oil gelato

new sashimi of salmon, cucumbers, lemon gel, soy pearls, micro arugula
green harissa cured razor clams, heart of palm, kumquats, bergamot dressing

charred cara cara oranges, licorice pickled juices, root beer gel pop
pop rocks, pear ice

earl grey chocolate fondant, cara cara oranges, dove bar, caramel,
sorghum ice cream, walnuts


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