It's Your Decision...

Everything we do for the most part is up to us. It is our decision to stay or go. To be happy or not.To be focused and stay committed to our craft and work or stray and fall away. To cook with passion or get comfortable and just allow status quot to take over. No one plans to take the path that brings one lower...it just tends to happen if you don't keep your eyes wide open. If you don't like your situation...change it damn it! So, it is with distinct decision that these dishes came about...to push, to give, to create, to inspire and to love what we do. It can be better for sure...this is why we keep travelling down the other path in search of nirvana...
rabbit salad, parsnip, honshimejii mushroom, balsamic caviar
pears, hazelnuts

seared scallop, hand cut pappardelle pasta, truffles, beet blush, truffle crema

braised short rib and wagyu beef loin, celery root, black trumpet mushrooms
smoked hazelnut powder, tayberry sauce

king salmon, heart of palm, begonia, sturgeon caviar, avocado, blood orange

rabbit two ways...
custard with truffles, confit and purple potatoes
loin with pecans, arugula, truffle dressing, pears

seared foie gras, black currant pearls, kumquats, pine bud syrup, nibs

seared tai snapper, nettle puree, fennel-radish salad
bruleed meyer lemons, borage, hedgehog mushroom tapenade

lemon balm compressed grapes, oats, grape-lavender soda, gewurztraminer ice


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