Chocolate Death Magnetic...

Two different chocolate cakes in all of their glory and all of the sense of the term. The first one, a special token of our pastry chef to me, in recognition of this old man's birthday last month. A big thank you to you and the whole team. Death by Chocolate as Marcel Desaulniers penned years ago. Death Magnetic as Metallica has done as well. Chocolate Death Magnetic as I now call it. It died a good death. It fought a good fight. It tasted wicked killer as hell.

The second one below, labeled merely as a Stairway to Heaven...as it surely left you there once you ate it. It was for a fundraiser dinner in which we were asked to donate a special cake for the auction. One word and that is all it took. Bring it on I say. Our pastry gal did a great job on it. It is the Peanut Butter & Jelly Dark Chocolate Stairway to Heaven. Dark chocolate flourless sponge, peanut butter-chocolate mousse, peanut joconde sponge, dark chocolate ganache, and garnished with peanut macarons, peanut butter mousse, huckleberry gelee, chocolate pearls, dove bar stix and sauces of raspberry and vanilla...it sold like there was no tomorrow and for all we know, there might not be. Live for today!


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