New Tastes of Tradition...

A new hope. A new vision. A new life. Each day that is what transpires as we venture into the unknown. The unknown world of cooking where anything can happen and usually does. Sure, there are the safety zones and the familiar faces of the moment who and what bring you that comfort and sense of security...in essence, all the things we have learned and come to know as our experience levels and background past...past, but not forgotten. The good...the bad and the ugly, all wrapped up into one big ball to be delivered to you any second. Don't blink as it may pass you by, for you wouldn't want that, for this is what you live for as a chef. Hold on and don't look back.
lobster-tomato salad, tomato gazpacho, nectarines, almonds
smoky jalapeno-tomato-nigella dressing

tomato-lobster salad...
up close and personal

seared foie gras, pecans, grilled peaches, brioche, sauternes gel
cacao nib-pecan streusel

grilled halibut, parsley crust, baby zucchini "carbonara", pancetta
yellow finn potatoes, zucchini pistou broth

seared duck breast, corn, chanterelles, corn-quinoa pancake, pistachio pesto
cherry duck jus

sweet corn brulee, nectarines, peach cobbler, chocolate-nut sponge, noyaux ice cream
s'mores, cinnamon marshmallow, apple beignets, salted caramel tart
plums, plum sorbet


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