Make A Memory...

It is always an amazing thing when you can help make wonderful memories for others simply by giving of yourself. And when that part of you is cooking, music, song, words, or art etc...it becomes so very personal and even more special. I'd like to think I have done so here and there for a small few along the way in my career and life. Maybe I'm just blowing my own horn. Maybe that's wishful thinking. I really would like to believe that my gifts of my craft and of my heart have meant something to those who I have cooked for. Maybe it doesn't matter, and at the end of the day, it's just food. Whatever the case...I try and give my best performance each and every day and night. Here is a set that was laid out for some folks who were pretty excited to dine with us. Here are some new thoughts and different ideas, some new ingredients, techniques and philosophies on taste, flavor and presentation. I think I can look back and at least say that perhaps the memories that became special that night were of my own and those of my team. Maybe they've already forgotten about it? No matter the way it goes...I enjoy what I do and with whom I do it with and for who I do it for...here's to the memories of our lives, the special people we encounter that are a part of them, the new friends we meet along the way and the memories that are yet to be that we help create...
quail and rabbit roulade, asparagus, morels, arugula, hazelnuts, mustard
garlic tuile, black garlic aioli, maple-mustard-sherry vinaigrette

seared foie gras, cocoa waffle, pickled green strawberries, pistachio dust
rhubarb gel & pearls, whipped citrus honey, caramel drizzle

seared atlantic fluke, potatoes, peas, pea vines, heart of palm, truffles
coral mushrooms, truffle-bacon nage

pepper dressed raspberries, hibiscus gel, fennel, lime foam, navarro pinot granite

porcini seared venison loin, porcini mushrooms, carrot creamed nettles
coffee roasted Thumbelina carrots, elderberry essence

ras el hanout duck breast, parsnip puree, apricot-onion relish
braised baby turnips, walnuts, beets, banyuls sauce

tasting of sweets...
salted caramel ganache tart, chocolate-coffee cremeux, pears, peanut butter foam
jasmine pot de crème, oranges, pistachio marjolaine
rhubarb sorbet, strawberries, mascarpone sorbet, spruce tip ice cream


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