Spain Revisited Again...

a tapas rendition...
bison flank skewer, marinated, seared with idiazabel, charred tomato tapenade, marcona
piquillo-white anchovy terrine, arugula pesto, olive oil powder, crisp olive wafer, potato
squid salad, ham, olives, pedro ximenez reduction
crab-potato-garlic sopa

12 hour braised pork belly, saffron cooked fennel, kumquat marmalade, polenta fries, romesco crumbs,
spanish sherry-shallot sauce

a couple interpretations of spanish cooking in a modern regional american spin...in other words...having fun! No agenda, just good flavors, fun ideas, plays on the old presented in the new. Wines went very well with these dishes. 


Anonymous Mark said...

Impressive, as always....

7:18:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

paying it forward so-to-speak...from a cooking perspective. Playing tribute to a tradition with a different spin and take on things.

5:02:00 PM  

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