Dreams Are Realities...

a dream is just reality not yet realized...from the shadows of darkness, the ideas blossom into reality.
sometimes, just plain mental!
Food seems to take on a path its own~living, breathing, devouring, growing, simmering, nurturing, hibernating, procreating, dying.
It emerges at birth into a living organism. Continues on by feeding on thought and new ideas, sustaining itself on healthy doses of knowledge, education and research. Breathes in fresh oxygen by means of passion, commitment and desire. Feeds itself on creativity, technique, technology. Grows strong as practice is implemented. Simmers slowly as new thoughts are provoked and failure takes place. Nurtures itself through others in which they are surrounded with via their own successes and disasters. Hibernates as needed while business must take place or when creativity is stifled or non existent. Procreating as life necessitates and demands and the world around evolves. Dying as we all must...nothing good lasts forever! Food has evolved continuously over the centuries and even more so over the last couple decades. My take on it, like a mere grain of sand amongst a coastline of beaches is only a thought, an instinctive vision, a demanding statement, an addictive way of life, a lifelong dream...one which I can call my own. Here before you is merely a megapixel in the world of food. For what it worth...
shigoku oysters "two ways"
raw, mandarin pearls, citrus-chili vinaigrette, citrus, micro mustard
riesling-cider poached, compressed apple, watermelon radish, preserved ginger
blood orange juice, yuzu sorbet

foie gras...some of the same ol, some new
maple gel, roasted grapes, walnuts, walnut powder, dried fig mostarda
kumquat-black pepper caramel

rabbit confit, artichokes, black truffles, truffle-thyme custard
white truffle oil, shaved Italian black truffles

seared swordfish, quinoa, bloomsdale spinach, green olives, preserved lemons
roasted tomato, honshimejii, smoked golden raisin jus, mustard blooms
honey glazed onion dressing

salad, sorbet, soda with meyer lemon oil

ras el hanout crusted duck, beet paint, rye-hedgehog mushroom turnover
golden beets sous vide, salsify chips, celery-citrus puree
huckleberry sauce, argan oil, syrah salt


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