eye candy 10.30.13...

A handful of tastes, passions, addictions and desires in food and cooking. Fun night. Cooking can be so amazing and usually always is. Especially if your heart is in it. For some, it is not. For others it is merely a job, a paycheck and means to an end or worse...a fall back. Do what you love, do it well, dig in and hold on. As someone once said...if you don't like what you are doing, change it!

torched filet of wester ross salmon "crudo", heart of palm, red plums, daikon sprouts
watermelon radishes, compressed cucumbers, spiced yogurt and beet paint

seared scallop, butternut squash agnolotti, porcini mushrooms, apples
pumpkin seed granola, pumpkin and truffles

scottish grouse sous vide, foie gras, sunchoke puree, walnuts
brussel sprout-matsutake mushroom hash, walnut powder, huckleberries

syrah braised beef short rib, crosnes, cauliflower mushrooms, saffron milky caps
persimmons relish, carrot puree, smoked chocolate essence

lemon posset, caramel wafer, fennel-white chocolate napoleon, fennel gelato
pumpkin-chocolate cookie sandwich, banana, cinnamon ice cream
poached quince, pears, pumpkin semi freddo, pear sorbet
valrhona chocolate pave, caramelized citrus gelee, pistachio crust, salted caramel ice cream


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