Playing Catch Up...

Sometimes, it is what we do. We get busy, get sidetracked, find oursleves in limbo when inundated with projects, work and life. That focus seems to get a bit jaded and hazy. Mine has been crazy for the last 4-6 months. Way too crazy! Can't wait for a breather where I can see straight, relax and enjoy. It is coming, I can see it on the horizon. Warm sunsets and blue skies in the future. All good though. Here are a few shots that have been collecting dust in the drives as I continue to move ahead in work and life. We have been working on many new ideas and dishes but they are merely in queue for my digital undertaking. Hope you enjoy...
asparagus salad, cuttlefish, peas, pea blossoms, asparagus gelato, pea boisson

foie gras tartine, duck confit salad, arugula, duck tongues, px reduction, potato gaufrette
crispy almond-cornmeal crusted softshell crab
fava bean tapenade, chorizo-tomato-peach sofrito, green garbanzo beans, mustard blooms

saba-pistachio crusted lamb sous vide, tripe, morels, truffles
eggplant, ramp coulis, peppercress, carrot juice, lamb jus

strawberry crisp, spruce tip gelato, jasmine custard, rhubarb sorbet, fruits
dove bar, beignets, banana p[udding, warm bread pudding, chocolate soup


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