In The End part 2...

butterscotch & bacon lacquered scallops, maple, sherry
silky wild mushroom-truffle cappuccinos, truffle milk
warm quail salad, foie gras mousse, smoked pecans, arugula, black garlic
cider-mustard vinaigrette
tangerine glazed corvina, oca, leeks, hubbard squash, micro celery
truffle-vermouth sauce
braised lamb shoulder, black garlic potatoes, garlic, turnips, chanterelles
micro amaranth, crispy beets, port sauce
wagyu beef rib eye sous vide, roasted fingerling potatoes, celery root puree, parsnip jam
matsutake mushrooms, crosnes, blackberry-valrhona chocolate sauce
chocolate-peanut butter PB&J bar, persimmons, pumpkin sponge, cocoa powder
muscovado jelly, gingersnap ice cream
As a follow up to my last post and in putting closure to 2012 and the food that was outgoing along with it...here are but a few more shots that were noteworthy, fun, extremely tasty, satisfying and thought provoking. Hoping you find the goodness that lie within and the passion that exudes from it.


Anonymous mark said...

Love thebraised lamb shoulder dish...

5:53:00 PM  

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