Tasty Summer Bites...

lobster, melon, sturgeon caviar, yuzu sabayon

heirloom tomato, albacore tuna tartare, avocado, basil, honeydew melon vinaigrette

seared foie gras, peaches, coffee sugar brulee, blackberry puree, micro arugula, candied walnuts

roasted monkfish, squab breast, garlic chips, lobster mushrooms, corn shoots

watermelon, tomato, honey gel, mexican cucumber pickles, tomato sorbet

sous vide lamb loin, cous cous, corn, figs, curry, zucchini

braised veal cheeks, polenta, caramelized apples, farmer onions

still life in dessert symphony...now we can rest!
 summer is a great time for cooking in the northwest and really, any decent region, country or continent in the world. I don't know if there would be much variation in Baghdad, Iceland or Antarctica, Zimbabwe or Istanbul, but here in Seattle...we get a lot of variation. Things change constantly. Spring and Summer are late bloomers. We stay out late and get up late. Kinda like me, or at least when I was younger and crazy. (reads still crazy mind you!)...anyway...here are some recent shots of taste...in and of the moment. Hope you enjoy. Hope it excites. Hope it inspires. Good to have hope.


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