Fun, Flavorful & Fantastic...

various array of flat crust pizzas "facon du chef"
spicy sopresata, olive, chili flakes, mozz, heirloom tomato jam, garlic
black mission fig, chevre, pickled onions, arugula, olive jam, olive oil, roasted garlic
Who doesn't like pizza? IS there really such a being? I once heard that pizza is like sex...even when it is bad, it is still pretty good! Ok...can't argue nor defend, but am sticking with it. Pizza comes in many shapes, styles, flavor combinations and formats. This was a style offered as part of a cool Italian country themed, very casual, residential concept that we did last week. The brides mom just said "have fun"...so...envision arugula salad, marinated fresh mozzarella with heirloom tomatoes, purple basil and olive oil...grissini, flatbreads, ciabatta, porcini-roast garlic focaccia...next, creamy nutty farro risotto, wild mushrooms, pecorino, caramelized onions...gnochetti artisan pasta, artichokes, pea vines,grana padano parmesan, prosciutto...fire roasted american bison loin, smoked salt and wild berry "bordelaise"...the pizzas~ spicy soppresata, mozz, chili flakes, tomato jam...fig, arugula, basil, aged goat cheese, garlic, olives...roasted chicken, celery-arugula pesto, provolone, olive jam...and just for fun, we threw in a gelato station...gianduja-chocolate, rose geranium, olive oil and lemon verbena...some warm lemon-ricotta zeppole, various cookies like lemon-chocolate biscotti, amaretti, and coconut macaroons...lastly, we did a frozen anti griddle station made of little sweet and tasty lollipops like spiced avocado dipped in dark chocolate, caramel, lemon-yogurt-fennel. Peeps were stoked. Cooks had a great time.


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