Vintimate 2012...

steamed atlantic fluke, compressed summer melon, baby farmer tomatoes
basil gel, almonds, lomo milk, pluot-elderflower vinaigrette
marinated ivory salmon belly, tomato water gelee, charred peach gazpacho
purple basil, pickled watermelon rind
crispy soft shell crab, king oyster mushroom, green garbanzo, black garlic paint,
 green apple mustard oil
spice crusted moularde duck breast, chanterelles, corn waffle, glazed fennel
cherry relish, anise hyssop, cacao nibs
porcini dusted bison loin, morels, porcini, caramelized garlic
fava beans, artichoke-hazelnut custard, saskatoon-manjari sauce
Our sommelier and beverage director...aka "wine guy" and his team, several years ago created a program to help further the passion, knowledge and mission of our global food and wine series which he dubbed the Vintimate Dinners...essentially...intimate wine dinners. As opposed to our global taste series where I would create different menus inspired from the world around, he crafts wine menus based on cool viticultures, harvests, makers, regions, grape varietals and growths etc. and I pair food to it. Selfishly, I always want food first, but this has been a very chic, cool and intimate adventure and experience. Here are a few shots of this years vintimate dinners...


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