A Moment in Thought...

A moment in thought...that is what it seems like to me at times when thinking about food and the possibilities that lie before me when staring at an ingredient(s), or when totally getting into the groove with some killer metal mania melody...ideas start rushing in. Flooding my head with contemplations and what-ifs. I can't stop it. Don't wanna. It fuels my passion...my desires...my drive and ambition. It keeps me sane, if one can call it that. Some would say I am insane. Probably, but no bother. If you are not totally into what you do, then don't do it. Get out. Change your life. Change your path towards happiness and start towards achieving your nirvana. The last couple weeks have been filled with food driven occasions...some cooking, some dining and eating...some learning and yearning for that next culinary fix and gratification. Seems and sounds like an addictive behavior...you betcha! Go figure. here is went down the last few plates...
maine lobster/avocado/mango/american sturgeon caviar
~scallops "two ways"~
seared tart/heirloom tomato/basil/´╗┐brioche
ceviche/charred peach "gazpacho/jalapeno
foie gras/nectarine/blackberry/spruce tip/hazelnuts/nasturtium
bluefish/bbq spices/spanish salad/chorizo/chickpeas/lemon/chive paint/px
canary melon/lime/mexican gherkins/chili yogurt
lamb loin/chanterelles/corn-quinoa/pea vine pesto/gold beets/apples
cherry/lemon verbena/citrus
lemon/raspberry/rhubarb/anise hyssop
white chocolate/plums/pluots/caramelia
blackberry pates de fruits/caramels/apricot conserve macarons/evoo chocolates


Anonymous Mark said...

Ah, no pictures?

5:47:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

sorry...phone messed up for downloading photos...as my late, great mother used to say after our tv got stolen when I was a kid...just listen, imagine and dream. try it!

1:22:00 AM  

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