Oui, Oui Chef...

grilled diver scallop salad, "garden treasures", carrot puree, nasturtium
peas, micro herbs, lemon verbena vinaigrette
sweet corn agnolotti, truffles, morels, corn, asparagus, hummus,
marcona almonds, poultry jus
american bison loin sous vide, cauliflower-hazelnut flan, cepes
baby carrots, fava ban puree, saskatoon berry essence
salted caramels, lemon verbena white chocolate "madelines"
olive oil chocolates, macaron sandwiches
A tribute to our recently departed team member, friend, commis, apprentice, extern, stagier, brigade addition, cook, grunt, what-have-you! Not departed in the sense of dead and gone, just gone back home to Paris after a 4-month long stage, or stint in our kitchen. He fulfilled his obligation and task of learning and hopefully, he enjoyed his time with us. A nice, young kid with so much to learn...so much to see...so much to contemplate and assess for his path in life and journey of career. He inspired me with just speaking his native tongue as it it brought back so many great memories of my cooking at Rover's restaurant and my schooling with French chefs at culinary school back in the day. Here's a post to you mon ami...Keep cooking and learning always. Stay in touch.
Alexis enjoying confit du canard at the chefs table


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