Kiss of Fire...

Under the flame...a quest for heat...singe and sear...a quest for modern day broiling in any sense of the term. Enter fresh oregon coast sardines. Fresh, cool, rich, oily, succulent, robust and full flavored with a hint of sweetness. Very delicate and in need of gentle handling. The contemplation begins as they enter the kitchen door...tempura? hmmmm. Breaded and pan fried? maybe lunch tomorrow. marinated escebeche style? cool, but want something more exciting. Spanish style and influence? Yeah...feelin that. Olive oil poached? maybe a bit rich. Broiled? Have blow torch...yes. Bring it! brined for an hour in a fresh summery pickle. Then rubbed with quince jam and smoked paprika, touch of olive oil and water brushing. Torch until gently seared and scorched to bring out nice char overtones. Brush again. Place in hot oven for just a minute or two...brush again. Served on a bed of smoked paprika & olive oil brushed focaccia which has been fried and turned into streusel, black olive dust, accompanied by some salted yellow watermelon, arugula pesto, fava bean puree, green olives and marcona almonds and lastly a pedro ximenez reduction with olive oil. Very tasty!


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