Everybody Wants Some...

  • I want some too! Everybody wants some..hey hey...how bout you!?! Going to a rock show fuels my energy and my passion for life. It reminds me of my youth, as reckless and crazy(and yes, stupid) as it it was. It was care free. Irresponsible and wild. Did what I wanted when I wanted. Didn't give a shit what others thought. A lot has changed but one thing always stays the same...the music in my head and in my deck keeps me fired up. You need to be a little crazy and amped to keep this up day to day. Being a chef isn't easy, especially on the family, social and responsible circuit. At any rate, I recently read a newspaper article about what chefs are listening to in their kitchens...well...while we don't have a ghetto box blaring tunes while we cook, as I want the cooks to maintain a keen eye, ear and focus on the craft and the work in front of them, I do endorse loud music elsewhere and all around me. I keep an itunes worth of library in my head...I keep it loud. From tallica', to godsmack...pearl jam to alice...halford to queensryche...maiden to crue...nirvana to soundgarden...you name it, i got it. Just recently rekindled some diamond dave and the van halen boys, after almost 30years...they still got it. Hearing eruption and many old favorites has me unchained again!


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