Spring Has Sprung...

Seared Diver Scallop Slider, sriracha aioli, arugula, white asparagus, peas, white asparagus gelato, olive oil powder
roasted corn tea mezzo~granite, melon, grapes & soda with pomegranate gelee
grilled alaskan halibut, chorizo, green garbanzo, ramps, chorizo hollandaise, octopus
seared foie gras, rhubarb, fig paste, walnuts, saba, crisp potato
a few dishes, visions, ideas, thoughts, emotions, and moments in time in our kitchen of late. Spring...a new frontier in the year. A time when all is becoming new again. Life is breathed into earth and birth is given to ingredients in which to display our craft. So lucky a chef...and a diner!
moularde duck, fava bean puree, black trumpets, kumquats, porcini nettles, blackberry sauce
"PB & J" spoons for mignardises


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