The Memory Remains...

These shots are all about my upbringing and the memories it conjures up in my mind. Times spent with my late mother. She loved sunsets, as do I. Moments with the family. Days with my late father. Priceless days, months, years with my two boys. Nights and days with friends. It is something that is a part of me and in my thoughts as I roam from day to day in search of nirvana and will always be with me. It is a glimpse in time and of the moment that brings me peace, harmony, clarity and hope. It inspires the soul and the senses with the memory of youth and the now. The food I was introduced to by my mother as we sat and ate fresh dungeness crab, spinach salads, wild salmon, flounder, perch, rock cod and rock fish, goeduck, clams, mussels, blackberry pies, and barbecuing on the beach. It is of the fun times with friends partying until until wee hours of the morning. Those were the simple times. Where did they go? My memoirs of food go way back and all because of my mothers love for it and for cooking from her heart. I am grateful for her inspiration to me for the chef and person it has helped me become.


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