Girls, Girls, Girls...

desserts of the moment...
white chocolate, lemon verbena, espresso, gianduja, honey, earl grey
two milk robiola brulee, pine nuts, melted grapes, truffle honey,
lamb loin, polenta, lucques olives, hedgehog mushrooms, fennel sous vide

venison loin sous vide, foie gras, horseradish potatoes, peas, cardoons, walnuts, huckleberry

seared duck breast, kumquats, onion-apple ragout, cassis

seared scallop, short rib, baby artichoke, pea jus, olive oil powder

garlic & hazelnut crusted soft shell crab, green garbanzo beans, braised ramps, carrot creamed nettles
saba dressing

white asparagus, white asparagus gelato, smoked striped sea bass, heart of palm, micro chard
oranges, bergamot dressing
a crue to be reckoned with...our team of cuisiniers; rockin the knives and steels in the kitchen. Over the years I have seen our team run the gamut from all men, to a minimal mix to a healthy one to almost an all female posse. None better, none worse. Well, lets be honest. At times they are or are not. Currently, we have a cool crue. Hell bent on the wild side to create good food, fulfill their passion and push ahead to press onward in hopes of learning the craft in that 10 seconds to love. Sure, we have a few male peeps. Oddly though, we are at a juncture that we are about on the heavy side of the softer gender. In short...the dudes rock, they're solid. But the girls, they create a uniqueness that is unparalleled. They are awesome! Together in unity, harmony and commitment...we forge ahead to the dedication we uphold in which to be the best we can as we strive towards our pursuit of excellence. This post is a tribute to all of our brigade. Thank you all.


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