Interpretations and Inspirations...

pickled mackerel, white asparagus, gelato, wood sorrel
radishes, yuzu sabayon, citrus oil powder, steelhead roe
sauteed atlantic fluke, fava bean tapenade, peas, purple potatoes
ramps, lovage-walnut nage
hazelnut crusted soft shell crabs, arugula, herbed aioli,
citrus salad, black garlic, poultry jus

Isn't that what it is all about in the world of cuisine? Modern or classic? Contemporary or traditional? Regional or Fusion? What to do....either way you choose...choose to be your own. Commit to yourself and to your team. Dedicate yourself to excellence and the search for perfection. Ask yourself always...does it taste good? Did I season properly? Did I execute to the best of my most possible abilities? Did I push myself and most importantly; did I learn?


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