Still Life Kitchen...

Sometimes, it is all about being at the right place at the right time. Destiny I think. Other times, you are not even close to the same ball park, or perhaps you just don't have your camera with you. Enter the day of a chef~ You are in the heat of the moment...in the middle of battle...in the thick of the shit...no time to snap a shot off..."oh well", you think to yourself, I will capture that one later. Yeah right...you know...later never comes. These are just a few shots that just happened to end up making their way to this blog site. Not crazy food or anything, but a moment and glimpse in time in a professional working kitchen. Things in a kitchen simply evolve and take place. They tend to take on a mind of their own sometimes. That is how it all rolls. As a chef...you deal with or die. You foresee and anticipate...adapt and overcome...reflect, learn and move forward. Still life as it lie in front of me...enjoy!


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