Pursuit of Happiness...

scallop-potato terrine, saffron gelee, fennel-apple salad, mussels

trout roe, crispy potatoes, sriracha aioli, blood orange evoo

seared foie gras, hazelnut-cacao nib waffle, cranberry tapenade
pepper poached cranberries, persimmons, saba, gingerbread dust

champagne braised & grilled matsutakes, leeks, oca, pumpkin
micro greens, cider jus

seared hawaiian albacore, pumpkin pancake, creamed leeks
oca, matsutake, romanesco, cider jus

american bison sous vide, celery root puree, chanterelle gratin, crosnes
thumbelina carrots, scarlet turnips, banyuls vinegar sauce, micro kholrabi

chanterelle gratin, creamy polenta, crispy polenta
crosnes, caramelized onions, aged balsamic

dark chocolate slice, kumquats, figs, cranberry sorbet
pumpkin brulee, pumpkin torte, seckle pears, pear sorbet
fuji apple crisp, cinnamon streusel, bacon ice cream pop

As I think about that short yet powerful statement, I think about my own life and drive to obtain my own dreams. I have always been strong in the search for such luxuries and necessities to find my own nirvana. Whether in job and career, in love and relationships, in youth and wisdom and in passion and play. Go big or go home right? Why mess around with just getting by. I hate when people do that. Go after what you want. From the time I started cooking professionally, I was always striving to go after what I wanted. When I was merely a young, feisty garde manger cook, I was always looking at the hot line and getting in trouble for migrating over to see what was happening and learning the dishes that the cooks were putting together. It paid off greatly for sure. Not only did it teach me more about the operation and chef's desires, it taught me that not everybody does this. In fact, I was usually the only one in the kitchen going way outside of my position to do other tasks and learn new skills. Other team members would say to me "why are you doing all this extra work?" You are not getting paid for it. That's my point. They indicated I was sucking up and trying to get their jobs. Whatever! Do what you are supposed to and then some and you will be rewarded. They are probably still working on the damn line or more so...out of the business. As a line cook, I was assuming the sous chefs roles. As a sous chef, I took on the place like it was my own and ran it as I saw fit, of course with the chefs and operations philosophies in mind, but I was not going to just go with the flow, I have always felt that my cooking is my passion, not my job. A job(work) is only a job if you would rather be doing something else. This is what I love to do. Many are not as fortunate to be able to make the statement and be true to themselves about it. There are many great folks in this business, and many that do a great job, but that falls short of greatness as I believe that the true excellence comes from going after your dream, fulfilling your passion and having passion for what you do and not settling for mediocrity or selling out for the buck. I am in constant pursuit of my state of happiness and I try to teach that daily to my sons. Do what makes you happy and do it 110% Don't worry about the money. Money will come if you do a good job and pout your heart and soul into it. If you coast by, and just go with the norm and what everybody is doing because it is safe, then you will just blend instead of stand out. Have a voice. Make a statement. Push the limits and boundaries. Don't settle for less than the best. Continue to search and stay on coarse with your happiness and what drives that. Never stop! Your passion, excitement and drive are qualities that not everybody will possess, therefore, you will be recognized for your work and be happier in your self and in your achievements. And, at least you will know yourself what you do and be committed to satisfying your highest standards of excellence. Good enough is never that. Keep the faith...


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