I Fall Away...

sous vide lamb loin, indian summer tomato fondue

chanterelles, porcini financier, caramelized heirloom garlic

roasted eggplant jus and carrot coulis

WTF!...Where has the summer gone?!? One moment you are enjoying yourself, or the company of others in the vast bright sunlight while lying on a beach somewhere, walking in a park, or sitting at a nice sidewalk bistro and suddenly...it is overcast...gloomy...cold...sadly dark and cloudy and you think to yourself..."what the hell happened?" Welcome to fall. Now mind you, I love the fall! It is one of my, (if not THE) most favorite time of year. It is a time to revel in the heartier autumn ingredients and methodry of cooking. It is(the cooking) soulful, timeless, comforting, soothing and downright sexy and sensual. It conjures up visions of togetherness and family, friends and camaraderie, fulfillment and completion. In a word...bliss. It is this world of food and ingredients that will soon fall away so that it can give birth to a new and vibrant world come next spring. Until then...


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