Vin pour les Dejuner...

Every month, since I have been employed here(reads long time), we have been graced with the responsibility and opportunity of creating new and exciting things for this special group of wine gurus, gourmands, and foodies and friends of the chef! It is a great time. We essentially just cook what we want. How fun is that?!? We have cooked just about everything for them...from frog legs to foie gras...scallops to sea bass...truffles to tagliatelle...antelope to asparagus...crosnes to cuttlefish...squab to soft shell crabs...you get it, all kinds of things. We have explored many a different realm of cooking, tastes, ingredients, flavors, marriages etc. The theme has ranged from wine based to season to region to just plain having fun with food and wine. This month, it was one of those plain fun times...we contemplated, created and cooked and had our somm pair wines to the menu. Selfish me huh. Here is just a shot of the three courses that we created for them. Not our most avante garde but quite flavorful and fun nonetheless.
"deconstructed BLT"
yellow taxi pave, baby heirloom tomato salad, tomato water gel, crisp pancetta
blanched romaine-chevre yogurt swipe, tomato dust, brioche croustillant

"merlot & slow"
braised short ribs, truffled celery root puree, local shell beans,
ground cherries, lobster mushrooms, wild blackberry sauce

orchard picked italian plum tart, frangipane, lemon verbena compressed peaches
anise hyssop ice cream, creme fraiche and plum coulis


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