Le Grande Soire...

goat cheese "truffle" skewer, hazelnuts, shiitake chips

truffled apricot conserve

(M.I.A.- salumi platter, warm olives and indian spiced nuts)

maine lobster salad, mango, avocado, american sturgeon caviar,
champagne-yuzu-elderflower sabayon

albacore tuna tartare "high heels", compressed yellow watermelon
lemon verbena, tomato chip, meyer lemon olive oil

"heirloom tomato salad", yellow taxi steak, baby halves, calamari sous vide
olive dust, basil, tomato water, crisp pancetta

elk loin carpaccio "ravioli", stuffed with fava bean,
tunisian cous cous, pecorino, baby lettucmes, carrot powder
30 year balsamic-argan oil dressing

seared atlantic fluke and foie gras, brown butter potatoes
pickled baby chanterelles, orchard plum relish, arugula
sesame-rice crackers, soy-mirin-bacon emulsion

jalapeno & lime compressed peach, lemon ice, frozen lime yogurt
rice krispy enrobement

spice crusted muscovy duck, chocolate-cacao nib-hazelnut waffle
sous vide fenel, douglas fir laced thumbelina carrots,
wild blackberry sauce, beet dust, pecan oil

beef striploin sous vide, truffles, artichoke-garlic compote,
celery root puree, black peppercorn sauce

dessert symphony
sweet summer corn brulee, figs, blackberry sorbet
chocolate silk, blackberries, hazelnuts, caramel, dove bar, apricot noyaux ice cream
cherry-almond bite, almond-raspberry napoleon
lemon & strawberries, pistachio, rhubarb-strawberry sorbet
M.I.A.- mignardise...little sweets after dessert
blackberry-fennel candy, praline chocolates,
salted caramels, bacon-almond macaroon sandwiches

kitchen alchemies...
an infusion of various fruits, herbs, berries, vegetables, spices and such
wrapped around cool spirits

Celebration...party...gala...soire...rager...social gathering...whatever you want to dub this as, that was what it was! One awesome party for a cool group of peeps. It was for a special birthday gathering of guests who wanted to celebrate centered around good food, good bevies and cool environment. They were in for a treat. One knew the scene. Some were quite savvy, some didn't have a clue what they were about to experience, some came with hope of experiencing a dream. All saw, tasted and devoured what the kitchen is about. When cooking like this for a large group, it is sometimes hard to read each guest throughout the night as there is a lot of loud talking, hard-to-break conversations, interruptions, and just plain distractions from all. Hope we fulfilled our commitment to the mission, surpassed their expectations and ours, and most importantly...created the most memorable of time for our guests...thanks to all who came and experienced, tasted and enjoyed, supported our team and allowed us to further our craft. here is how it went down...


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