Special Tastes of Winter...

Scallops a'la Plancha
cooking fireside...hella cool!
Scallops a'la Plancha with fire roasted apples, house bacon
& butterscotch caramel
Lobster Salad "en Oeuf"
pumello, preserved ginger, golden caviar, avocado, lobster vinaigrette

whipped yuzu
Wild Japanese Hamachi "Crudo"
carica, ugli, heart of palm, micro greens, elderflower-bergamot dressing,
spicy coconut emulsion & coconut wafer

Port Wine Cured Foie Gras
apricot marmalade, hazelnuts, cacao nibs, compressed fuji apples
saba-hazelnut vinaigrette, maldon salt

Seared Loch Duart King Salmon
veal cheek strewn lentils, leeks, honshimejii, truffles, red wine sauce
celery leaf oil

Porcini Crusted American Bison Loin
celery root puree, black trumpet mushrooms, thumbelina carrots
syrah salt and a huckleberry-syrah essence

Valrhona Manjari "Coulant"
cappuccino "semi freddo", sous vide pears, blackberry sherbet, almond macaron

A little snapshot view from a little mouse in the corner...this is what one would see if they were that proverbial mouse(i hate flies). To sit back and see what takes place in our kitchen at times is simply amazing. Usually always exciting and exhilarating. Sometimes utterly wild and crazy, and sometimes, just plain shitty. The less than great visuals are more so those times when we are just stressed and anxious...fatigued and overly high strung...exhausted and tired of a staff member who sees it as their turn to bitch and complain. Whatever! Here are some shots of a dinner we did for a special client who just wanted something inspired and cool. We were happy...they were stoked! Enjoy..


Blogger Marc Frederic said...

I can see you cook for taste and the artwork in your food takes you there!

Only wish I was Stateside to visit your restaurant.


2:45:00 AM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

yes, that is correct! Taste comes first and then I figure out how to plate it. The art is what happens after it all happens on the plate. Thanks for the post...

1:35:00 AM  

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