Two Spanish Dishes...

~an interpretation of tapas~ (clockwise from lower left)
chilled rolled omelet, mahon, piquillo peppers, muscovy duck
roasted potatoes, cured ham, white anchovies, celery root remoulade
spanish mackerel "coca", fennel pollen pancakes, chayote-radish salad, citrus aioli
cuttlefish sous vide, chorizo, smoked olive oil, apples and preserved lemons
wild boar loin a'la plancha
foraged mushrooms, chickpea puree, cabrales roulade, marcona almonds
northwest tubers, rioja-fig-shallot jus

an inspiration as it were...a modernist view on contemporary-ism of plated cuisine...a personal interpretation of Spanish cooking seen through the eyes of a chef who thrives on the new and the strong intent to purposely stray from the norm and status quo only to set new boundaries of what might become tradition. Those that know me, can attest to the fact that I never claim to be authentic, nor do I care to be. When presented with an opportunity to cook for, or in honor of another culture, country or cuisine, I try to understand it and mentally(and even sometimes physically) get to that place to feel the vibe, then like a flash pot going off on the crufest mainstage, I head straight for my own vision of what it is to be. Not everyone is like that, or wants to be so, but no matter...I don't care to be like everyone else either! So here I was, bestowed with the honor of coming up with a special Spanish inspired menu for some wine peeps and presenting our craft to those that were in the know and of the desire to experience. What a gift huh?!? The only bummer was that I only got two shots off before it was over...oh well...there is always next time right. Hope you enjoy the insight to the cooking of late.

a few that didn't make the photo op...
artisan and fermier spanish cheeses
spicy inspired popcorn
creamy potato sopa, sea bass brandade, garlic foam
tomato-rice croquettas with almond romesco
walnut-chocolate torte
with white chocolate cremeaux, poached quince, idiazabel
gooseberry conserves, pedro ximenez-smoked paprika syrup


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