Silky Supreme Glory...

port cured foie gras from hudson valley
truffled apricot conserve, red wine jelly, micro arugula, cacao nibs,
pear-sweet cicely salad, syrah salt

same foie, large slice...added a swipe of mostarda puree, candied pecans to salad
pumpkin sponge dust, persimmons ravioli(sliced thin and filled with mostarda)

virtually sames above but a different twist to it
added a maple-bourbon vinaigrette to it

practially same but with addition of a frozen chocolate cube on top(pliable)
and a warm "pave" of chocolate-cacao nib-hazelnut french toast
aka..pain perdu

Isn't that what it is? A smooth, silkiness that is practically irresistible to us foodies that truly are? Enter Foie Gras...known as simply foie to the cooks in the hood...a rich, devilish, yet heavenly foodstuff that can and does bring us to a state of nirvana when done properly! We will not get into the controversy bullshit here as I do not care to try and banter back and forth about its inhumane practice with those that are wearing a leather jacket, shoes, lipstick, fur coats, nikes or some other fashionable trendy wear made from some sweatshop in god knows where and all the while eating domestic chickens raised(if you can call it that) in the grossest of domiciles one can fathom. So no, we will not go there. My hats off though to those that truly support humain and sustainable practices and truly stay on course. We all need something to believe in. But this is about the foie and the ingredients that I have paired with it and how it was prepared and presented at various times. This takes place in a week. We have taken the same ingredient and presented it differently just to show the evolution of thought. I have prepared foie many times in various uber-cool ways and just about loved every idea that has become of it. It is not about them, but here and now. Just a thought really about what one can do with ingredients and perhaps how to look at the dish differently to create almost an entirely different outcome and reaction from your guests. Hope you enjoy as much as I did when creating it...


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