An Honorable Mention...

Today, I write this birthday wish to my late, great mother, who throughout her entire life, showed me what life can be and should be like. It is through her that I learned to live...learned to love...and learned to appreciate what we as people can sometimes be blind to and overlook, yet it is right there in front of us to enjoy. It is through her passion as a person, as a writer and as a wonderful mother that I grew to be the man I am today and for that I truly respect what she had accomplished in life and am honored to be her only son. It is because of her that I have been able to become the chef I am today...to be the father I am to my two incredible children... the teacher to the many I have had the pleasant memory of working with...the artist of the inspiring craft I have chosen...the creative person of my own passion and the humble follower of her amazing ambitions. She set my course on this blessed path of faith and future and taught me what I needed to know, even when I didn't see it, want it or understand it. All that I am or can ever hope and aspire to become...I owe to her. May I always make you proud. Thank you mom.


Anonymous Karen Z said...

What a beautiful tribute. She would be tremendously proud of all you are achieving right now. Karen Z

4:28:00 AM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

Thank you Karen...I truly believe she would. I am so thankful for what she taught me.

2:49:00 PM  

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