Single Malt Please...

Those were the words of the evening...the soiree if you will. Enter SMSWS...the Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Society of America. They were with us celebrating a huge gathering last week and to kick off the throwdown...they hosted a special dinner for mucky-mucks of Glennmorangie. It was to be a VIP-only tasting dinner for the makers, aficionados and friends of this fine Single Malt variety of the brew honoring those who would be promoting it. We were charged with pairing our hand-crafted cuisine to the delicately distilled and carefully aged spirits. Now I do not partake in the consumption of the libation mind you...no, gave that shit up a long time ago. Better for everyone on this planet, believe you me. But I can appreciate, respect and become inspired to cook with it. How can I do that you may ask, well...I just am fortunate to be able to envision the flavor pairings and allow myself to get into a zone and proceed from there. Just lucky and honored really. Here is what went down...

Duck Confit & Pumpkin Salad
Mostarda, Aged Moncenisio Bleu, Walnuts, Micro Arugula
and a Maple-Bourbon Vinaigrette

Pan Roasted Diver Sea Scallop
Date-Squash Puree, Shallot Confit, House Cured Bacon, Hazelnuts
Pomegranate Paint and Butterscotch Caramel

Painted Hills Beef Short Rib Sous Vide
Red Onion Marmalade, Anson Mills Polenta, Caramelized Garlic
Chanterelle-Rutabaga "Salpicon"

Chestnut-Chocolate "Torte"
Flourless Chocolate Gateaux, Chestnut Mousse, Spice Ganache
Braised Apples, Amaretti, Cider Reduction and Chocolate Pearls


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