Fall, a Current Affair...

pumpkin flan and blis maple "brulee"
moncenisio bleu roulade, parsley-compressed apple-walnut salad
vidal vinaigrette

jasmine pot de creme, quince, camembert-pumpkin tartine brulee
chocolate-ginger whoopie pie, pumpkin-praline ice cream, persimmons & pears
salted caramel and dove bar stix, maple ice cream, pear sorbet

kashmiri garam masala crusted loin of lamb
yogurt-eucalyptus honey swipe, fennel sous vide, eggplant agro dolce
tunisian cous cous with matsutakes, rosemary oil

alaskan halibut a'la plancha
slow braised pork belly, apple-radish salad, brussel sprout-squash composure
leek pancake, chili threads and a cider essence

yellowbuck camembert tartine "brulee"
pumpkin sponge, autumnal fruits, red wine sorbet, marinated figs, caramel anglaise

bouchee revigorant a'la vin rouge...
malbec macerated figs, black pepper, pinot noir gelee, sorbet bacchus

seared diver scallop
creamy parsnips, spinach puree, truffles, house cured guanciale
pedro ximenez reduction

I am having an affair. I don't deny it, don't regret it. If I had to do it again, I wouldn't change a thing, except that I would learn from my mistakes and try to be a better person. This affair is one that I have embraced before, many a times. It is one I do not have the will power to ignore or refrain from having. And... it is with one of the most sexiest beings around that I call fall cooking! It is one I am truly addicted to and can not stop courting and caressing no matter which other time of year I am "dating" at the time of my "re-introduction" to this very beautiful and seductive entity. I have been seduced well before the end of summer, but I give the respect that is due to the warmth and brightness of the moment. At times, I do not even want to see a winter squash or brussel sprout even though they are popping up around us. Hell...we are in the midst of heirloom tomatoes, corn, melons, berries, stonefruits, beans and the like...all "fruits of the moment" to that which we call summer. "Let me enjoy this" I cry, as the lust for the heat of August and September cooking is fueled by passion. But as we forge ahead, we must submit to the reality, and a great reality it is for me, that the bounty of fall is here and with all the greatness and love that comes with it in all of its glory. As I become "unfaithful" to the last lingering ingredients of the Indian Summer, we pave the way for the new and what has been bestowed upon us by this beautiful time of year which we know as Autumn...enjoy the affair

Pomegranate Glazed Sous Vide Cooked Turkey Breast

parsnip puree, brussel sprouts, walnuts, bacon, semolina gnocchi,

tasso spiced butternut


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Bloody Hell chef! You're a talented chap aren't you?

Thank you for blogging, as I really enjoy your work.


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