Journey of Taste...

aka...tasting menu of the moment. We had several unique tables of late honoring us with the grand menu selection whereas...in fact, there is no menu. The ideas are crafted a few hours prior to their arrival and then orchestrated and presented right as they are watching and as it is being envisioned by what I am thinking at the moment. Sometimes, the dishes are a spin off of something we have just created, or an entirely new direction altogether. Sometimes it is about an ingredient and how we can show different uses of them, or a technique using multiple partners. Procure...contemplate...arousal...exploration...execute...
refine...redefine...move forward. That is a basic outline of the process of the creation, or our works within the atelier. Here is our story...

maine lobster/mango/american sturgeon caviar/chervil
yuzu-champagne sabayon

house cured prosciutto/quince "ravioli"/mostarda/micro arugula/
30 yr. balsamic condiment

atlantic fluke crudo/spicy avocado/citrus/chili threads/togarashi/bergamot

port cured foie gras/apricot conserve/bitter chocolate-hazelnut "pain perdue"
pear-pecan-parsley salad/frozen chocolate cube

hawaiian ahi tuna/crispy veal sweetbreads/butternut squash galette
black trumpet/baby cauliflower/marcona almonds

new zealand tai snapper/champagne braised matsutake mushrooms
squash-bacon-brussel sprout composure/leek pancake
sous vide fennel/cider jus

"bouchee revigorant"
poached buddah's hand/fennel/shiso granite/natural nectar

spice crusted muscovy duck/gingerbread potatoes/pink lady turnips
hedgehog mushrooms/braised hubbard/pomegranate paint/huckleberry essence

"degustation du fromage"...

rembrandt gouda/walnuts/pear-reisling gelee
brebirousse d'argental "brulee"/poached quince
quillisascut crottin

robiola tre latte/mosto cotto/almonds

manchego curado/green olive jam

moncenisio bleu/truffle honey

spanish olive oil chocolates/pb& j macaroon sands/douglas fir caramels


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