All About Flava...

cranberry cured foie gras
persimmons ravioli, apricot conserve, 30 year balsamic
pears, pecans, cacao nibs

seared diver scallops & atlantic fluke
pumpkin risotto, baby fennel, pink lady turnips, chanterelles
hedgehog mushrooms, sweet cicely

maine lobster salad
avocado, mango, lobster-vanilla vinaigrette, endive
american sturgeon caviar
roasted beet salad, pears, walnuts, 3 milk robiola
walnut vinaigrette

truffled carnaroli rice risotto
baby yellow cauliflower, wild black trumpet mushrooms
pumpkin and a roasted apple-onion nage

sauteed wild belize shrimp
same gear as above yet with honshimejii mushrooms

pan roasted squab and grilled leg
gingersnap potatoes, hedgehog mushrooms, caramelized onions
pink lady turnips, brussels, huckleberry jus

sweet tastes...
(from center clockwise)
cranberry-pear napoleon, pumpkin sponge, caramel anglaise, cranberry sorbet
warm "apple pie", pumpkin-praline ice cream
valrhona dark chocolate pave, mocha creme, dove bar stix,
prune-armagnac ice cream
jasmine cremeaux, late autumn fruits, pear sorbet, pistachios

That is really what it comes down to for me...the flavor and taste. I do invest in technique completely. Presentation is crucial for me. Sourcing and procurement is paramount as well. But in the end, it is about the taste and flavor of what the hell one puts into their mouth. You cant eat the dish...the ambiance...the chihuly glass art in the corner...so peeps, place emphasis on the flavor! This takes time to develop ones palate and understanding of how flavors work together as well as the understanding of how ingredients work together. TK was quoted in an article about how his cooks do not sometimes even taste a dish, yet more importantly know how the individual ingredients taste and work together. I do not buy into the notion that a cook should not taste each thing, but I do agree in the latter part of the statement. Understanding the ingredients and how they react and interact with each other is something that I feel each cook should focus on and work towards. Enough said...here is a sampling of dishes we created for some guests this week...


Blogger Marc Frederic said...

What a craft! Bravo!

8:22:00 AM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

Thank u...glad u enjoyed it...pleasure to post it. It is all about the craft!

12:36:00 PM  

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