My Fallen Thoughts...

Fall...such a great time of year to cook, to be sensual, to take comfort in the simple pleasures of the hearty and savory ingredients. It is such a wonderful thing. It is one of, if not THE most favorite time of year from me to cook. I just truly enjoy the warmth and sexiness of it all. This post is just to get you all in the mood thinking about what it is and what can become of it if you put your mind to it, put some soul and love into your dishes and cooking and give from your heart to those that are accepting. Hope this thought and contemplation of ideas inspires you to go cook...

Red Kuri Squash...roasted, tasso spiced, confit with duck fat, maple glazed, ice cream
Chanterelles...sauteed, tapenade, ravioli, soup, "cappuccino", with gnocchi, strudel
Pumpkin...brown sugar basted, agnolotti filling, bisque, pie, ice cream with praline, jus
Radishes...cider pickled, compressed, yuzu & ginger braised, salad with apple, slaw
Wild Sea Bass...pan roasted, sous vide, fennel pollen crusted, honey lacquered, smoked
Bison...braised in syrah, grilled & smothered in garlic, cardamom crusted, basted in chocolate
Gingerbread...ice cream, streusel for foie gras, stuffed with smoked salmon, soup garnish
Crosnes(chinese artichokes)...braised in garlic broth, roasted, brown butter poached, with wild mushrooms
Oca...sauteed with hazelnuts, roasted pheasant stuffing, scallops, argan oil emulsion
Black Trumpet Mushrooms...grilled, grilled cheese, truffle and, cauliflower ragout, pumpkin gnocchi
Wild Turkey...cider basted, walnuts, with chestnuts, garlic, pear and pecan marinated, sous vide
Hedgehog Mushrooms...tart, potato-hedgehog-goat cheese omelet, warm salad, on baguette
Quinoa...fritter with bacon, cracker, granola with dried fruits, with parsnip puree & pumpkin seeds
Parsnips...caramelized, braised, puree with apples, jam, cake, ice cream with almonds
Persimmons...compressed with vidal syrup, with goat cheese, smoked pecans and, coulis
Quince...honey poached, tatin style tart, quick bread, relish for foie gras, peppered
Pomegranate...and black pepper syrup, dried anardana broth, glaze for salmon, spiced vinaigrette
Popcorn...smoked, spicy popped and salted, cider caramel glazed, truffled, smoke paprika with

the list can go on and on...this is just a little tease to get you goin!


Blogger Marc Frederic said...

Hedgehog Mushrooms? I'm intrigued!

3:16:00 AM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

they are a nice late fall/early winter mushroom in the northwest USA. ALso we get Black Trumpets. Chanterelle season is in full swing. Matsutake and porcini are basically over. Lobster mushrooms are finishing up as well. Some cauliflower.

12:46:00 AM  

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