In Search of a Cure...

Sweet Coppa, Tuscan Wine Cured Salami, Chorizo Riojana, Fennel Sopressata
Bresaola, Coppa Basilicata-Style

17-month aged Prosciutto
sweet, luscious and naturally "funked"

Sweet Coppa...black pepper, white pepper, thyme, garlic

Most are aware that October is National Cancer(breast) Awareness month. It is good to be aware. Good to be searching for something that will lead us to a better tomorrow. As it were, I have personally been affected by this hellish and f'd-up disease they call cancer. Lost my great inspiration; my late mother to it. Lost my father to it. Lost a handful of close friends and relatives to it. I know there are thousands of folks working on a cure. God bless them. God help us all. This post is a tribute the them and to all who have loved and lost. Enter a different search for a different kind of cure...the cure of pristine meats known to some as the lovely sexy word salumi. To the rest... it is just salami. As a devoted salumist, and one who has been exploring this art and craft for years, I relate a lot of my mission and dedication to the search of my own perfection and prison as that of a doctor working hard at finding the cure for cancer. You are constantly hard at work in a never-ending search of perfection. Trying to "get it right". Trying hard to get "a little farther" to make a difference. Committed only to something better, more refined and closer to the "end" than before. Like an addict who is desperately trying to reach a higher plane by gettig a better high...one needs to realize they may just not find it. Not to get off subject matter and in the spirit of those great medical researchers...sure the hell don't stop trying! Here are some of the latest pieces that are ready that tasted phenomenol and litterally kicked our asses in taste and texture. And now...the search continues.


Blogger Marc Frederic said...

Great looking products, I have to say they look as good as mine. Wish a few more chefs were capable of doing charcuterie as good as yours.

12:15:00 AM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

hi marc...thank you for the kind compliments. I appreciate themIt is a constant mission to fulfill a passion. From one craftsman to another...CARRY ON!

2:57:00 PM  
Anonymous verano said...

HMMMMM~~~ love those cured goodness! (salivating)

2:26:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

they are quite nice I must admit. amazing results when all things are in sync...humidty, temperature, curing time, but most of all...great product to start with!

12:47:00 AM  

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