Study in Beef...

 That was the mission. The challenge. The adventure. A 17-course journey for a special guest and part three of a culinary excursion of about 52 courses of tastes, textures and flavors in three seating's. Enter the menu~ A study in beef, veal, and all that is beef-like. A menu where I could step out of the norm to express even more from the soul...both refined and casual. Not a typical style of menu mind you...but whimsical, fun, playful, street food-esque, snack style, crazy good...all about flavor. I can only imagine what lie ahead for the next study that will present itself.
beet  tenderloin, truffles, pickled shallots, mustard crème fraiche, crispy potato

veal sweetbreads, foie gras, apples, caramelized shallots, cassis gelee
saba aioli, celery-walnut salad, celery leaves, walnut powder, ras el hanout
cassis-banyuls vinaigrette

heirloom tomato, tomato sorbet, sturgeon caviar, crispy duck leg, sriracha aioli
canary melon, lemon-bourbon vinegar dressing

barbecued beef brisket, maine lobster, plum-fennel-carrot slaw, mustard éclair
black garlic-ale mustard, deep fried winey-briny house pickle

~shabu shabu~
aged prime beef, smoked tofu, baby sun gold tomatoes, honshimejii mushrooms
black rice, cabbage, pear-onion dashi broth
on side- spicy peanut sauce and citrus ponzu

~pictured here with broth~

seared scallop, silky risotto, artichokes, beet greens, crispy parmesan chip
jus de poisson

~frozen yogurt~
compressed cucumber, cucumber sorbet, spice pickled green nectarines, nigella
fennel pollen-honey frozen yogurt lozenge


stuffed with braised beef short ribs, foie gras, truffles, shallots
served with savory tomato-red pepper sauce, cumin cracker crumbs

carrot-mascarpone ravioli, parmesan, tenderloin, tomatoes, lobster mushrooms
cipolline onions, poultry jus, herb oil

~street food~
marinated, smoked beef flank, grilled, smoked jalapeno brushed
summer corn-peach relish, purple beans, black garlic buttermilk dip

~dried beef~
potato noodles, parsley-chive puree, sea urchin, chives, black peppercorn veal jus
grated dried cured beef

~veal cheek~
syrah braised veal cheek, goat cheese polenta, chanterelles, leeks
pearl onions, balsamic reduction

~tri tip~
kobe beef, smoked quinoa, Portobello, caramelized salsify, chard, rosemary essence

spice rubbed bison, apples, fennel roasted thumbelina carrots, argan potatoes
crispy onions, dark chocolate jus

porcini custard, truffled apricot conserve, apricot sorbet, parmesan wafer

zucchini bread, white peaches, peach pearls, pecans, peach coulis, cocoa wafer
spicy beef brisket ice cream


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