Chef Jean Banchet...

Chef Jean Banchet...RIP
A tribute to the late, great French Chef Jean Banchet from Chicago. His famous and notable restaurant in Wheeling, Illinois, garnered him many an accolade. I was fortunate to have met him and cook for him back in the early 90's while manning the stoves at a local french place here in Seattle called Rover's, now defunct. It was definitely an inspiration to meet such a great well known chef and then be able to cook for him. We poured on the fuel and pulled out all the stops for him that night. What an amazing meal and experience. Then, to have chef Banchet walk back into the kitchen and not only shake our hands and say "thank you" and "great meal", but stand there for the rest of the night and talk food, talk shop, ask questions about what we were doing, inquire as to how we made a certain sauce or fish preparation as if he was truly interested was freakin cool to say the least for a young up and coming chef. I had read about him and studied his cooking for a handful of years prior so that was a great honor to have that opportunity to cook for him and give of myself. I will always remember that moment in my career as being a fortunate encounter. God bless and carry on chef.


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