Cold November Reign...

Not so cold really. Actually quite the opposite right now in the NW. It has been nice. Some sun, some great and amazing sunsets, not cold, sometimes a bit wet, but as the song goes...nothing lasts for ever. The ingredients and cooking have been nothing short of inspiring, spiritual and fulfilling. Autumn kicks ass! When asked about my favorite season, I always hesitate as I ponder my thoughts...hmmm I wonder, summer is great for sure, spring is awesome, winter sucks but fall...oh the fall. I think I really love the fall cooking the best. So, without further adieu, I submit to you my crafted creations in which to come to your own conclusions and summations of its worth. Cheers. I'll just keep on walking...
foie gras terrine en gelee, apple, quince, compressed apple salad, walnuts
watermelon radishes, beets, truffled apricot conserve, viognier dressing

seared corvina bass, butternut agnolotti, pumpkin, smoked pear-pancetta compote
pumpkin seed-oat granola, chanterelles, corn , truffles

pan roasted sea scallop, sous vide grouse, matsutake, Brussels sprouts, sunchoke puree
curried cauliflower, hazelnuts, baby carrots, cider vinegar sauce

spice crusted duck breast, cauliflower mushrooms, red wine braised crosnes, parsnip cake
parsnip jam, pickled berry-smoked chocolate sauce, confit-onion-raisin gratin

inverted pecan pie, steamed pumpkin pudding, apple jam, gingerbread mousse, cinnamon ice cream
chocolate pot de crème, pears, chai sorbet, pine nut crisp, pink peppercorn marshmallow
chocolate-praline pave, cherries, fennel gelato

ginger macaron, spiced cider pates de fruits, jasmine chocolates, dove stix, salted caramels


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